The return of Spring and the Ladybugs! New Biology Coccinellidae 2 print.

Spring is here, and the Ladybugs are back!
The scientific name Coccinellidae, meaning “little red sphere” can be quite a mouthful, but by whatever name you call them, Ladybugs are well known and well loved all over the Earth. Nearly 400 species of Ladybugs live in North America, and there are nearly 5,000 species worldwide. Also commonly known as the Lady Beetle or Ladybird Beetle, the name of these insects reflects the global admiration of mankind. Widely considered to be good luck, Ladybugs are a bit clumsy, though efficient enough, fliers. Their transparent sheath-wings (hidden from view under the outer wing cases, until they take to the air) flutter at a rate of 85 beats per second. I have taken the liberty of helping them out with there lack of airborne grace, giving them a “New Biology”,  making it easier to bring you the good luck they share.
New Biology Coccinellidae print is 17×17″, $50. Printed with archival inks on acid free velvet cotton rag paper and a limited edition of 50. Each print is hand signed and numbered, available on the store page.

AND as a special little spring time bonus, from now ’til April 1st spend $45 and up and receive and 8×10 version of my first Ladybug print shown below.

Happy Springtime! I’m off to get some allergy medicine!

Gauntlet Gallery, March 8th.

I’m Happy to say Im part of the Gauntlet Gallery’s Second Annual 12X12 Show. This year we they have expanded thier horizons beyond the San Francisco Bay and provided 50 California-based artists with identical 12x12inch wood panels. Artist include Robret Bowen Adam Ziskie, Akira Beard, Alec Huxley, Allison Reimold, Ana Bagayan, Benjamin Clarke, Brenton Bostwick, Chelsea Javier, Christopher Blackstock, Claudia Bicen, D Young V, Derrick Scocchera, Graham Curran, Ian Reynold, Isaac Pierro, Javier Rocabado, Jeff Felker, Jenna Gibson, Joanne Nam, John Felix Arnold III, John Wentz, Justin “Coro” Kaufman, Kate Zambrano, Kellen Breen, Kieran Collins, Lauren YS – Marcos LaFarga, Melanie Alves, Meryl Pataky, Michael McConnell, MJ Lindo, Monty Guy, Peter Adamyan, Ruel Pascual, Reggie Warlock, Sean Kruschrhoades, Sean Norvet, Sergio Lopez, Shawn Cordeiro, So Youn Lee, Tina St. Claire, Todd Kurnat, Tracy Piper, Tyler Bewley, Vincent Cacciotti, Vogue, Wednesday Kirwan, and William Arvin Art.

Here is my Contribution.

New Biology Orcinus Orca.


“She’s Somebody”s Power Animal” print now available.

“…You’re going deeper into your cave. You’re going to find your Power Animal”  said the group facilitator, hypnotically. I awoke in a frozen courtyard surrounded by caves. I proceeded to walk into the first cave to my left where I was confronted by a white Siberian tigress. She calmly growled I was in the wrong place and started to chase me out the way I came in. I felt a wave of heat spilling over my back and as I turned around I caught the tail end of a breath of fire and a glimmer of one golden fang. “She’s somebody’s power animal.” I thought. And although I wish she were mine, she was not. I woke up on a plane to St. Louis, how long had I been out for?

She’s Somebody’s Power Animal. 12×22 $45 Limited edition of 50 available in the store.

End of 2013 News.

November Already!? I never really mind when it sneaks up on me like that, Its my favorite time of year. Especially with the shows going on this month. To start it off, Opening November 1st, Spoke Art held its fourth annual Bad Dads show. The show is a yearly homage to the films of Wes Anderson. With over 70 artists supplying original art and Anderson specific print runs, there’s something for everyone. For the first time in my four years of participating in the show I finally took on the subject of Bill Murray, in the form of terrible father, Steve Zissou.

This is an Adventure. 8×16 Acrylic on Panel. Bad Dads 4 runs 11/1 through 11/23.

On November 8, Made in China opens at the Ian Ross Gallery. When I was asked to be in this show, I immediately said yes. Not only did the concept pique my interest, but I HELLA wanted to see what a “Knockoff” of my work would look like. Here’s the concept of the show in a nutshell by curator Eddie Colla:
Loakal gallery and Ian Ross Gallery assembled a group of contemporary artists and sent their work to a painting factory in China to be copied. The original paintings and their “counterfeits” will be displayed side by side. Questioning our society’s underlying assumptions regarding originality, intellectual property and the value of art. Participating artists: D Young V, Akira Beard, Ian Ross, Zoltron, Shark Toof, Jessica Hess, C Kirk, Ernesto Yerena, Eddie Colla, Peter Adamyan, Nite Owl and myself. You can read more about the concept and RSVP to the show HERE. To Illustrate the idea, Here’s is my painting Orange Crush, on the right, with its counterfeit on the left.

Here’s a bit of coverage and a preview of the show via Hi-Fructose.

At Modern Eden Gallery, November 9th is the opening of Letter Heads, a group show guest curated by Leon Loucheur and Dave Foto featuring works incorporating elements of lettering including graphic design, font, graffiti, and figurative work. Featuring: Robert Bowen, Pemex, Amandalynn, Monty Guy, Marcos LaFarga, Optimist, Mike Gallegos, Beast546, Jurne, Mags, Wand, Toro, Keb, Max Kauffman, Resk, Christopher deLeon, Kiro, Doug Rhodes, Helen Bayly, Naka, Udon, Phillip Portillo, Rubin, Asend, Tonce, Sen2, and Epic. Letter Heads opens in conjuntion with Sentient City, a solo show by painter Leon Loucheur. Both shows run 11/-12/7

High and Dry, for Letter Heads, 8×16, Acrylic/panel

On November 15th, at Lower Branch Gallery, is the opening of Natural Disasters: Exploring the Shadowy Side of a Twisted Nature. This will be a 2 man showing of paintings and drawings by Bay Area Graffiti Artist, and longtime friend, Satyr and myself, and all of our work will be based around animals and natural world. It could be the perfect time to pick up the gift of original art for the Holidays!

Centipede, By Satyr.

Skull Cancer, By Robert Bowen
Lower Branch is located at 233 Eddy St. between Taylor and Jones 2 blocks from the Powell St. Bart Station.

Well, I’m off to eat pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes.